Final Verdict of the Italian Operation Condor Trial


The Italian Supreme Court upheld the final verdict of life imprisonment against the 14 South American repressors, who participated in the homicides of Italian nationals, through different activities carried out in the context of Operation Condor.

The Uruguayan national and former member of the Uruguayan Navy Fusiliers Corps (FUSNA), Jorge Néstor Tróccoli, was arrested and tried in Italy. The other defendants were convicted in absentia.

The trial encompassed three dossiers. The oldest dossier, which began in October 1998, included the assassinations of the Italian-Chilean nationals, Juan Montiglio, Omar Venturelli, Jaime Donato and Juan Maino between 1973 and 1976. The second dossier, which was originally presented to the courts in June 1999, addressed the assassinations of six Italian-Argentine nationals and 13 Italian-Uruguayan nationals. The third dossier, from 2009, included the cases of 18 Uruguayan refugees who had settled in Argentina and two Argentine nationals who were assassinated between late 1977 and early 1978, for which only Tróccoli was charged.

The Italian public prosecutor, Gianfranco Capaldo led the prosecution for over 15 years.

The final verdict sentenced the following individuals to life imprisonment:

  1. Pedro Espinoza, Chilean;
  2. Daniel Aguirre Mora, Chilean;
  3. Carlos Luco Astroz, Chilean;
  4. José Ricardo Arab Fernández, Uruguayan;
  5. Juan Carlos Larcebeau Aguirregaray, Uruguayan;
  6. Pedro Antonio Mato Narbondo, Uruguayan;
  7. Ricardo José Medina Blanco, Uruguayan;
  8. Ernesto Abelino Ramas Pereira, Uruguayan;
  9. José Sande Lima, Uruguayan;
  10. Jorge Alberto Silveira Quesada, Uruguayan;
  11. Ernesto Soca, Uruguayan;
  12. Gilberto Vázquez Bissio, Uruguayan;
  13. Juan Carlos Blanco, Uruguayan;
  14. Jorge Néstor Troccoli. Uruguayan.
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The statement from Public Prosecutor Gianfranco Capaldo in the Italian Operation Condor Trial
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