Find out more about this collaborative project between the University of Oxford; Sitios de Memoria - Uruguay, the Observatorio Luz Ibarburu, pozodeagua (Uruguay); Londres 38 (Chile); and independent researchers from Argentina. We also draw on support from other organizations involved in the fight for memory, truth, justice, and reparation in the Southern Cone.

Here, you can access the map georeferenced with the places which played an important role in the trajectories of the detention and capture of Operation Condor victims, such as prisons, detention and torture centers, border crossings, airports, etc.

Read and listen to the stories of 20 Operation Condor victims and the repressive coordination in South America through the victims’ sheets that we have written. We selected these 20 cases in order to render visible the human dimension of the crimes. The complete victims’ database contains 805 fact files.

Access the database of criminal trials related to the repressive coordination and Operation Condor. Trials have taken place in various countries, mainly in the Southern Cone of the Americas but also in Italy, France, and the US, coupled with the sentences issued by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Consult the archives related to Operation Condor and the repressive coordination in South America that belong to the state collections of different countries in the region.

Consult the civil-society documents from different South American countries that denounce Operation Condor’s crimes against humanity.

Access the different statistics and infographics regarding Operation Condor’s transnational operation generated from the Database on Transnational Human Rights Violations in South America (1969-1981).