Asociación ¿Dónde Están? Francia

¿Dónde Están?-Où sont-ils?

¿Dónde Están?-Où sont-ils? is a French association (statutes type law 1901) that was established in Paris in 1997, mostly by Uruguayan exiles. Among its main objectives are to raise public awareness about enforced disappearances and other human rights violations committed during the years of state terrorism in Uruguay between 1968 and 1985, and to denounce the impunity of those responsible for those crimes.

24 marzo

24marzo Onlus

24marzo Onlus is a non-profit organisation that brings together Argentines, Chileans, and Uruguayans living in different Italian cities, many of whom were victims of the South American dictatorships and of Plan Condor. It has advocated for the recent lawsuits in Rome, Italy.


Abogados y abogadas del Noroeste Argentino en Derechos Humanos y Estudios Sociales

ANDHES is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose activities are not for profit and independent of political parties and religious institutions. Its mission is to help to re-inscribe human rights and the democratisation of social relations as a social convention, by defending human rights and promoting them through education and public policies. ADHES has been working in Argentina for 20 years and it has two headquarters in northwestern Argentina in San Miguel (Tucumán state) and San Salvador (Jujuy state).

Logo de AFEP

Agrupación de Familiares de Ejecutados Políticos

The Agrupación de Familiares de Ejecutados Políticos (Association of the Relatives of Executed Political Prisoners, AFEP) is an organisation that brings together the spouses, companions, children, parents, relatives, and friends of the Chileans who were assassinated by the Pinochet dictatorship between 1973 and 1990. Its headquarters is situated in the capital of Santiago, Chile.


Dirección de Memoria Histórica y Reparación

The Dirección de Memoria Histórica y Reparación (Directorate of Historical Memory and Reparation, DMHR) is an organisation attached to the Paraguayan Ministry of Justice’s General Directorate of Human Rights. It was founded by Resolution no.285/13 with the objective of organising, articulating, and implementing a National Search and Identification System (Sistema Nacional de Búsqueda e Identificación) for disappeared prisoners in the framework of the state terrorism committed by Alfredo Stroessner between 1954 and 1989.

logo del giaf

Forensic Anthropology Research Group

The Forensic Anthropology Research Group (GIAF) brings together anthropologists and archaeologists from the Faculty of Humanities and Education at the University of the Republic in Uruguay. Since 2005, the team has been carrying forward the search for people who were detained and disappeared during Uruguay's most recent civil-military dictatorship.

It currently operates under the ambit of Uruguay's National Human Rights Institution and Ombudsman (INDDHH).

Logo ICD

Instituto Cuesta-Duarte

The Cuesta-Duarte Institute is a civil society association created in Uruguay in 1989 at the initiative of the central trade union, the Plenario Intersindical de Trabajadores – Convención Nacional de Trabajadores (PIT-CNT), with the overall objective of providing technical support to organised workers, seeking in this way to improve their performance in the representation of their peers within the framework of the class struggle and according to their political objectives.

Logo Fami

Madres y familiares de uruguayos detenidos desaparecidos

Madres y familiares de uruguayos detenidos desaparecidos is a Uruguayan organisation that brings together the families of prisoners who were disappeared during the most recent civil-military dictatorship in Uruguay. Its headquarters can be found in the capital of Montevideo.


Movimento de Justiça e Direitos Humanos

The Movimento de Justiça e Direitos Humanos (Movement of Justice and Human Rights, MJDH) is an organisation whose mission is to defend and promote human rights. Founded in 1979, its headquarters are based in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.