Secuestro y desaparición de Agustín Goiburú


Agustín Goiburú Jiménez was a Paraguayan doctor and political leader of the Movimiento Popular Colorado (Colorado Popular Movement, MOPOCO) and a firm opponent to the dictatorship of Alfredo Stoesser.

Agustín was captured for the first time in November 1969, while he was fishing with his 11-year-old son in the Paraná River in Argentine territorial waters. He was then taken to the Paraguayan capital, Asunción. He remained disappeared for several months until he managed to escape together with other prisoners. From there, Agustín went into exile in Chile, before returning to Argentina in December 1970.

On 9th February 1977, at around noon, Agustín Goiburú was captured once again in broad daylight in the city of Paraná in Entre Ríos Province (Argentina) by officers from the Argentine repressive forces, who acted in coordination with Paraguayan agents. A green Ford Falcon without a number plate intentionally crashed into Goiburú’s car that was parked outside the hospital where he worked. When he heard the bang, Goiburú exited onto the street, where he was threatened with an arm and forced into the vehicle. 

He was held in torture and detention centres until he was secretly transferred to the Capital Police’s Investigations Department in Asunción (Paraguay), where he disappeared. He was last seen alive in Easter 1977.

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Agustín Goiburú’s file, recovered from the Paraguayan Archive of Terror.
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