Meeting of the Police Forces in Buenos Aires

27/2/1974 - 4/3/1974

Between 27th February and 4th March 1974, a meeting took place in Buenos Aires between the heads of the region’s police forces. During the meeting, it was agreed that the Argentine Federal Police would cooperate with its counterparts in Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. During this summit of police authorities, the attendees shared their experience with the aim of deepening their joint participation in antisubversive operations. It was agreed that information would be exchanged and a communication channel would be established between the different police forces. The secret meeting was a milestone in the strengthening of the coordination of the region’s repressive forces, which increased their influence through the military attachés based at the embassies.

The role of the police forces and their intelligence agencies in the respective South American countries was fundamental for the unleashing of transnational repression and the crimes against humanity perpetrated.

Media description
Authorisation request by the Director General of the Chilean Investigations Police to attend the meeting of police forces in Buenos Aires.
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