Justicia más allá de las fronteras: Los crímenes transnacionales de Plan Cóndor

This policy brief is based on a multi-year study carried out between 2013 and 2016 on accountability for Plan Cóndor crimes and, in particular, two knowledge exchange workshops, in which academics, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, policy experts and members of civil society from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay participated. The brief highlights the main challenges and obstacles that have delayed and slowed down the elucidation of past transnational atrocities in South America. It also sets out three recommendations to overcome these hindrances across the region.

A investigação dos crimes contra a humanidade na América do Sul : Desafios para o presente e futuro

This policy brief is based on a long-term study of accountability policies in this region. It also draws upon the discussion and knowledge exchange held during the workshop “Investigating Crimes against Humanity in South America: Present and Future Challenges,” organized by the University of Oxford and Argentina’s Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes against Humanity, held in Buenos Aires in May 2018. The brief summarizes the main challenges and difficulties associated with investigating crimes against humanity in South America.