Condor on Trial : 3. Truth


This audiovisual clip is part of the series “Condor on Trial”. It reviews the emblematic case of the Argentine citizens José Nell, Marta Landi, Alejandro Logoluso, and the Uruguayan citizens Gustavo Inzaurralde and Nelson Santana, who were captured in Asunción (Paraguay) in March 1977. It recounts their subsequent forced disappearance, after they were secretly transferred by air to Buenos

The clip was created by the project

Research, initiative, and coordination: Francesca Lessa
Script and directing: Sebastián Santana and Pincho Casanova
Illustrations: Sebastián Santana
Production and editing: pozodeagua (Pincho Casanova and Macarena Montañez)
Music: Diego Presa
Proofreading and editing: Patricia Draper
This audiovisual material is published under the free license Creative Commons - Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International.

Directed / produced by
Francesca Lessa, Sebastián Santana and pozodeagua