Condor on Trial: 1. Memory


This clip is part of the series “The Condor Trial”. It provides an overview of the historical context of the dictatorships in the Southern Cone of the Americas, their repressive coordination formalized under Plan Condor, and the fight for memory, truth, and justice.

The clip was created by the project


  • Research, initiative, and coordination: Francesca Lessa
  • Script and directing: Sebastián Santana and Pincho Casanova
  • Illustrations: Sebastián Santana
  • Production and editing: pozodeagua (Pincho Casanova and Macarena Montañez)
  • Music: Diego Presa
  • Proofreading and translation: Patricia Draper
Directed / produced by
Francesca Lessa, Sebastián Santana y pozodeagua