Materialidad y memoria : Estudios sobre siete espacios represivos de Canelones y Montevideo

This book compiles seven studies about repressive spaces in Canelones and Montevideo (Uruguay), drawn from the findings that emerged from the postgraduate course: “Materiality and memory. Knowledge and Applied Practices to the Study of the Clandestine Repressive Spaces of the Dictatorship” carried out in 2020 at the Postgraduate School of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of the Republic (UDELAR).

Carlos Marín Suárez and Mariana Risso were the editors of the publication.

The book was released as a free-licence publication in June 2022 by the publishing company ‘Sitios de Memoria - Uruguay’. The publication of the printed version was made possible thanks to support from the Municipal Council of Canelones.

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Sitios de Memoria - Uruguay